The genealogy in Genesis 5

March 10, 2016

Once day, after a brief discussion with a fellow believer, about the genealogy in Genesis 5, I decided to make a simple table, using the information available in this passage. The table speaks volumes about the people named in the genealogy.  The table is appended at the end of this short article. Please have a look and then read on ….


You must have already noticed that Adam lived to see 8 generations (through Seth).

In other words, Adam was alive when Lamech was born.

Besides, Adam lived 800 years after Seth was born and had other sons and daughters (Gen. 5:4).  It is fair to conclude that he had many grandchildren through these sons and daughters. 

Similarly, Seth, Enosh, Kenan etc., had other sons and daughters besides the sons named in this genealogy.  This means Adam saw his progeny filling the earth.  This is not a simple matter when you look at it in light of the blessing God pronounced when he was created, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”

Another significant fact to take note is that the blessings were not just for Adam.  It propagated.  Seth, Enosh, Kenan etc., lived to see several generations.

Methuselah: Lived 969 years, the longest we read of that any man ever lived on earth.

The significance of his name: some think his name was prophetical, his father Enoch being a prophet. Methuselah signifies, he dies, or there is a dart, or, a sending forth, namely, of the deluge, which came the very year that Methuselah died. Some explain the meaning of his name as “in the year he dies, it will come”.  If indeed his name was so intended and so explained, it was fair warning to a careless world, a long time before the judgment came.

It is commonly supposed that Methuselah died a little before the flood; the Jewish writers say, “seven days before”, although there is no scriptural proof to it.

Lamech: Died 5 years prior to the flood.  Certainly both Methuselah and Lamech heard the preaching of Noah.  They both were alive when the ark was being prepared.



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